How to cook Thai seafood vermicelli and delicious vegetarian Thai vermicelli

Thai vermicelli It is not only a unique and popular dish of the land of the Golden Temple but also a dish loved by many young Vietnamese people. How to cook Thai vermicelli Very simple and can be modified to be suitable for vegetarians. Let’s find out with BepNhaTui.Com how to cook Thai vermicelli Seafood […]

How To Cook Soc Trang And Tra Vinh Vermicelli Delicious

Noodle soup is always voted by culinary “believers” in the list of Western specialties most worth enjoying. Not many people know that this is a dish originating from the Khmer people, in the process of culinary interference, vermicelli becomes a specialty of the Vietnamese people and is very famous in many localities with diverse and […]

How to make Ha Noi Bun Cha at home delicious

Bun cha Hanoi It is a typical dish of the Northern people. Possessing a unique delicious taste, bun cha is not only loved by Vietnamese people but also conquered many international guests. Today, let’s go to the kitchen with Bep Nha Tui to learn  How to make Hanoi Bun Cha. Your family and friends are […]

The Secret of Cooking Delicious Southern Flavored Vermicelli

Vermicelli looks simple but is a favorite dish of many people, not only that with a fairly simple processing method, housewives love to cook this vermicelli at home by themselves. Today, I will share one more way to cook delicious vermicelli, Southern standard flavor that you can refer to! Noodle soup originated in Moc […]

How to Cook Quang Noodles with Central Taste

Long ago, Mì Quang has become a feature in the culinary culture of Quang Nam. A bowl of noodles that is both beautiful in appearance and delicious in taste will be enough to satisfy the most demanding diners. If your whole family also loves this dish, why not go to the kitchen to show off your […]

The right way to make delicious Da Nang seasoned vermicelli

If you have been to the Central region, especially Da Nang city and enjoy seasoned vermicelli noodles They are sure to be attracted by the rich flavor of this noodle dish. So, today the Chefs of will show you how to make this noodle dish with the right taste of Da Nang people. It […]

How to Make Delicious Hanoi Snail Noodles

Referring to Nha Trang, surely no one does not know the specialty dish here is fish noodle soup. And when it comes to Hanoi, the snail noodle dish will surely be one of the dishes that Hanoians traveling far away will miss. The delicious taste of this noodle dish will hold anyone who has tried […]

Revealing how to make delicious traditional noodles at home

How to make traditional fresh vermicelli at home is done carefully and meticulously from the first stages. The finished product will be tough, delicious vermicelli noodles, especially hygienic, and the cost of raw materials is also cheap. For generations, the traditional cuisine of the Vietnamese people has always been associated with creative and unique fresh […]

How to Cook Tuna Noodles Not Fishy, ​​Delicious and Right

How to cook tuna noodles Delicious, rich, absolutely no fishy smell below will attract your taste buds. Tuna vermicelli Suitable for days when you want to change your taste or are too boring with meat dishes. In particular, the recipe also gives you the secret to cooking clear, naturally sweet broth. Tuna vermicelli is a […]

Eating is addicted to how to make delicious braised goby with pepper

Braised goby with pepper is a rustic dish, full of Vietnamese flavor, but due to various reasons, today, not many young people know how to make delicious braised goby. Therefore, today will bring to you how to make braised goby with pepper Delicious and super easy to make. Let’s go to the kitchen and […]