How to cook fragrant fresh Turmeric Braised Snakehead Fish

With how to cook fragrant fresh turmeric braised snakehead fish Delicious, beautifully golden and rich with white rice, there is nothing more attractive than that.

Scientific and moderate nutrition is one of the factors that directly affect health. Therefore, besides eating delicious, you also need to change the menu for family meals, both to create a joyful atmosphere and to promote health for all members. Today, join us in the kitchen and share how to make fresh turmeric braised snakehead fish with just a few simple steps.

Prepare materials

  • 1 child snakehead live and eat
  • 1 big turmeric
  • 1 piece of ginger
  • Fresh ginger leaves
  • Red onion, horn pepper, powdered pepper
  • Delicious fish sauce, salt, white sugar, monosodium glutamate
  • White wine

cá lóc

Choose fresh snakehead fish to get the right braised fish
(Photo: Internet)

How to make braised snakehead fish with turmeric

Step 1: Prepare snakehead fish and ingredients

Snakehead Buy it and clean it by taking a small sharp knife to scrape off the scales. Use rice wine to rub on the body of the fish, cleaning all the slimy parts of the snakehead. Rinse the fish again thoroughly with water several times. Cut the fish into bite-sized pieces and place in a bowl.

Note when choosing fish: you should choose medium-sized ones because small snakeheads will have sweet and chewy flesh to eat. If the fish is too small, it will have a lot of bones and the meat will be soft and not chewy. On the contrary, if the fish is too big, the meat will be friable and the bones will be very hard and not tasty. Should choose fish with glossy skin, especially fish that needs to be fresh.

Ginger, turmeric Freshly shaved, peeled, washed and cut into pieces.

Dried onions, peeled, chopped and smashed.

Using a large mortar, pound in order from pepper, turmeric, ginger, chili. Need to grind in a full mortar, people.

Fresh ginger is washed thoroughly, cut into strands.

Step 2: Marinate fish and fish stock

  • Now take out the bowl of fish, pour the mixture just pounded in the mortar, season with spices: salt, fish sauce, sugar and cooking oil, stir well for the snakehead fish to be fully absorbed.
  • When the fish has absorbed the spices, you put the pot on the stove, let the pot heat up, then pour the oil in, the hot oil add a little granulated sugar and let it caramelize. The purpose is to keep the fish in a beautiful, eye-catching color. Then add the purple onion and fry until fragrant.
  • When the onions are fragrant, pour the marinated snakehead fish bowl into the stock. Warehouse until the snakehead fish meat is hunted, continue to pour boiling water into approximately the fish meat, close the lid.
  • When warehouseyou keep the fire simmering until the water thickens.
  • Finally, you taste it again to taste and then lift it down. Thus, our snakehead fish pot is complete.

Cá lóc kho nghệ

Braised snakehead fish with delicious taste of rice (Photo: Internet)

Now just put the fish on a plate, garnish with a little cilantro, pepper powder, it can be used with white rice is the best. When eating, the braised fish sauce dipped with boiled vegetables, after being messy, is also extremely delicious.

Request for snakehead fish with turmeric

  • For snakehead fish warehouse Turmeric is delicious, you have to prepare the fish very clean, no fish scales.
  • Snakehead fish must absorb the spices evenly, not smell the fishy smell, the important thing is the characteristic aroma of fresh turmeric.
  • However, fresh ginger and turmeric should also be given in moderation, do not abuse if you do not want to lose the aroma of snakehead fish or when eating it has a bitter taste.
  • Braised snakehead fish with turmeric is best eaten while it is still hot, eaten with hot rice is even better.

Recently, Category braised dishes just shared with you how to cook fragrant fresh turmeric braised snakehead fish. Braised snakehead fish is quite easy to eat, suitable for many people’s taste, especially nutritious for pregnant women. The braised fish is soft, golden, naturally sweet from fish meat and fresh turmeric.

In addition, turmeric also has the effect of tonic blood, enhancing the health of both mother and baby. So, quickly go to the kitchen to prepare this dish for the whole family to enjoy, especially in the menu of pregnant mothers. Good luck!


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