How to cook hot pot with beef and rif

If you think that there is no delicious hot pot in Hanoi, it’s because you haven’t tried the fascinating and enchanting hot pot of the capital city. Today, with a tutorial How to cook hot pot with beef and ribs with beef ribs Here, we will cook together a super delicious hot pot to treat the whole family this weekend!

This is a hot pot dish that is loved by many people in cold weather, with delicious, attractive and nutritious ingredients for everyone’s health. The way to cook hot pot with beef and ribs is not as difficult as you think, with just a little time and ingenuity, you can completely make a standard hot pot dish like outside Hanoi.

Lẩu riêu cua bắp bò sườn sụn

Crab and beef hot pot with cartilage ribs with attractive Hanoi flavor,
fascinate diners (Source: Internet)

How to cook hot pot with beef and rif


  • Crab: 1 kg
  • Cartilage ribs: 600 gr
  • Beef: 800 gr
  • Fresh vermicelli: 1 kg
  • Tofu: 10 pieces
  • Tomatoes: 5-7 fruits
  • 1 batch (also you can replace it with crocodile, tamarind or vertical fruit), ginger
  • 1 little shrimp paste
  • Dried onions: 2 bulbs
  • Green onions, coriander
  • Raw vegetables: split water spinach, banana flower, young banana stem, lettuce, coriander, green onion, perilla, marjoram, bean sprouts, lemon, chili.
  • Spices: Cooking oil, vinegar, fish sauce, soup powder, seasoning seeds, satay.

rau ăn kèm lẩu

Indispensable raw vegetables to use with crab hotpot:
such as young bananas, perilla… (Internet source)

Steps to take

Step 1: Prepare ingredients

  • Dried onions: peeled, smashed, chopped. Ginger: peeled, washed, thinly sliced. Green onions, coriander: pick, wash, and chop finely.
  • Tomatoes: wash, cut stems and trim areca.
  • Raw vegetables: pick up the damaged part, wash it, soak it in dilute salt water and then take it out to dry. Note, with banana flowers, you cut them into small pieces and soak them in water mixed with vinegar so that the banana flowers don’t darken, then take them out, wash them, and dry them.
  • Cartilage ribs: after buying, you wash them, you can wash them with salt water to remove the bad smell of the meat. Next, you lightly boil the ribs in boiling water, this step will help your hot pot sauce become clearer. Then marinate this cartilage rib with a little seasoning, then briefly stir-fry with ½ teaspoon of dried onion and stew for about 2 hours. (If you have a pressure cooker at home, just stew for 10 minutes.)

Trụng sơ phần sườn sụn

Slicing the ribs before stewing will help the broth
clearer and tastier (Source: Internet)

  • Copper crab: Clean, peel off the shell, take out the crab bricks and put them in a small bowl. The rest is crushed or pureed, filtered to get water. Take that water into the pot and cook on the stove, season with 1 teaspoon of seasoning + 1 little shrimp paste, stir well and cook with high heat, wait until the crab bricks rise, then turn to low heat. Note: at this time you should not stir anymore because it will easily break the crab bricks or you can put them on the side of the pot or when the crab bricks are completely cooked, take them out and keep them separate.
  • With a bowl of crab bricks: you put a pan on the stove, add a little cooking oil, when the oil is hot, add a little dried onion and fry until fragrant. Put the remaining crab bricks and stir-fry with a little fish sauce until cooked and then remove.

Cua mua về bạn sẽ tách phần gạch cua

When you buy crab, you will separate the crab bricks and stir-fry them
and put it in when the hot pot is finished (Source: Internet)

  • You can continue to use the same pan to sauté the tomatoes until just cooked. This step will help your hot pot have a beautiful color.
  • The beef part: wash, you also wash it with salt water to remove the fishy smell, then rinse thoroughly, cut into bite-sized pieces and marinate with ginger and a little cooking oil.
  • Tofu: cut into 4 pieces each, fry briefly until golden, then take out.
  • Filter the water, put it in a separate cup.

Step 2: Processing

Add crab juice and broth for ribs, ribs, and tomatoes. Next, add the cold water, taste the seasoning again, then add the crab sauce, sprinkle the crab bricks + 1 bunch of banana flowers + onion oil + coriander + fried tofu + a little satay (if you like to eat it) spicy).

Step 3: Presentation

Served with fresh vermicelli, raw vegetables and beef, as you enjoy, put the ingredients in there. So you complete the hot pot.

thưởng thức lẩu

Wherever you enjoy it, add vegetables, beef, and crab to it
it will taste better (Source: Internet)


Do you see, How to make hot pot with beef and ribs with beef ribs It’s actually not difficult, they just take a little time in preparation, but the processing steps are extremely easy. So why don’t we try this hot pot dish for our family to enjoy?

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