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How to cook Korean Spicy Noodles delicious and rich like Outside

Spicy noodles Korea has long become a familiar dish to many Vietnamese, especially young people. The spicy but rich flavor of the broth mixed with the freshness of the seafood and the chewiness of the noodles makes everyone excited. In the following article, Bepnhatui.net will guide you how to cook spicy noodles Standard seafood Korea […]

Giang leaf chicken hot pot – how to cook it yourself at home and eat with what vegetables is delicious?

What’s good to cook with chicken? With chicken, you can process into countless delicious dishes such as braised chicken, fried chicken, grilled chicken and especially chicken hot pot. In which, chicken leaf Giang hot pot is a famous dish of the Southern region and is loved by many people in all regions. Today, you are […]

How to cook delicious spicy duck bamboo shoots hot pot

The occasion of family gatherings or holidays, making spicy duck and bamboo shoots hot pot is both delicious and nutritious, and “awakens” the taste buds of the people who enjoy it. Spicy bamboo shoot duck hot pot is a favorite dish of many people, so housewives often share recipes and secrets to show off their […]

How to cook carp hot pot quickly to make sure it’s delicious and not fishy

It takes a lot of time, fish and fishy smell are common mistakes in the process of cooking carp hot pot that many people encounter. The way to cook carp hot pot is both fast and not fishy below will definitely “rescue” you from the above difficulties.   Carp is a nutritious and healthy food, […]

How to Cook Delicious Sour Mangosteen Hot Pot

Pangasius hot pot – a hot pot dish that is loved by many diners by the harmonious combination of fresh fatty fish and accompanying hot pot vegetables. If you have loved the taste of this dish and want to cook it yourself to entertain your family but don’t know What kind of vegetables do you […]

How to cook hot pot with beef and rif

If you think that there is no delicious hot pot in Hanoi, it’s because you haven’t tried the fascinating and enchanting hot pot of the capital city. Today, with a tutorial How to cook hot pot with beef and ribs with beef ribs Here, we will cook together a super delicious hot pot to treat […]

How to Cook Simple Crispy Carp Hot Pot for a Rainy Day

The crispy carp hotpot has a sour and sour taste, the tip of the tongue combined with the firmness of the fish brings new and attractive flavors. In the following article, let’s learn how to make this crispy carp hot pot! Crispy carp is loved by many people because of its firm meat, low fat, […]

2 Ways To Make Carp Hot Pot That Are Attractive And Nutritious Not To Be Missed

Hot pot is the first choice for a meal when it gets cold at the end of the year. In particular, carp hot pot is one of the attractive dishes and has a simple and quick cooking method. Hot pot is the first choice when having meetings with friends, family or relatives. In particular, when […]

Lẩu Hải Sản Gồm Những Gì Và Trình Bày Sao Cho Đẹp Mắt?

Lẩu là một trong những món ăn khoái khẩu của nhiều người, trong đó lẩu hải sản được rất nhiều người yêu thích bởi hương vị hấp dẫn và giá trị dinh dưỡng rất cao. Vậy để biết lẩu hải sản gồm những gì và trình bày ra sao, hãy theo dõi trong bài viết […]

Cách nấu lẩu cá lăng măng chua cay ngon đậm đà

Món lẩu là món ăn phổ biến trong ẩm thực Việt Nam chúng ta. Đặc biệt là món lẩu cá lăng, bởi nguyên liệu của nó khá dễ tìm. Việc chuẩn bị sơ chế cũng đơn giản. Chỉ cần trong một thời gian ngắn là có thể có một nồi lẩu cá lăng hấp dẫn […]